Maison Bogomil’s Signature Knitwear

Maison Bogomil’s Signature Knitwear

We love paying attention to every detail from every part of the design process. Our knitwear items are certainly not an exception.

About the making of each knitwear garment

The yarn we create our pieces from is bought from a specially selected Italian manufacturer. We wash it so that it shrinks to its optimal size. That’s how we make sure this doesn’t happen in your laundry machine.

The next step is quality control, which is very important to us. We check whether the knitwear piece is unweaving and if it has maintained the right shape. If so, we continue with the pattern making – a key step to completing the garment.

We add something special to every collection

We love giving unexpected small touches that surprise you. That applies to the fall/winter 2018/2019 collection, too. The beads we sewed onto the knitwear are a delicate accent of the pieces. We have also combined two materials such as yarn and leather, which is a major part of Maison Bogomil’s DNA.


You will find knitted pockets, buttons, and other elements from yarn that we combine with other fabrics creating the desired unique look. So that you and your style keep being recognizable!

What is your favorite Maison Bogomil knitwear piece?

Text: Ina Ivanova

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