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Maison Bogomil, Autumn/Winter 2020/21

100% knitted, 100% trendy

Each and every one of us has knitwear in their wardrobe. However, only a small portion of these items can actually transform your look. We also know that it’s essential to be warm during the cold months, and how crucial (and how good you feel) when you look modern!

When creating our newest collection, we have taken into consideration fashion’s strongest trends and your need for comfort – especially during times like these.

Wherever you are…

We made sure that doesn’t matter where you wear our clothes, you’ll feel nice and cozy. They are more than appropriate for your home office, for a winter holiday with friends, or simply for your short and sweet city escape. Wherever you go, comfort and warmth will be your permanent companions thanks to the soft fabrics and flattering cuts we have chosen.

V-neck Sweater                  Duo-Colored Cardigan       Turtleneck Sweater

Wide-Legged Pant in Red    Wide-legged Knitted Pant in Beige Wide-Legged.   Pant in Navy

And not only…

In our new collection you will definitely find the piece that will be a constant head-turner in the office. Opt for our turtleneck white dress , which you can effortlessly style with accessories that suit your work place. 

If you are an admirer of oversized fits, why not try our sweater dress (styled with a skinnier pant, big blazer and a belt)? You have numerous options – it all depends on your dress code.

Knitted White Dress                Jumper Dress             Long Knitwear Cardigan 


Knitted Hoodie                Three-Colored Sweater            Colorful Sweater

                                          Wide-Legged Trousers  

We haven’t forgotten you, gentlemen! As we highly approve of the idea of a capsule wardrobe, we see how necessary basic pieces are. Among them is our white slim fit jumper. The turtleneck and the fit will give you the desired elegance and provide you with many options in terms of styling. It depends – whether you’d prefer to create a more casual outfit (with one of your knitted bottoms, for example), or a more formal one (with a blazer and trousers). And if you’re in the mood for something new, why not go for our yellow maxi cardigan? You will receive bonus points because this shade is one of 2021’s colors of the year according to Pantone (


White Slim Fit Sweater       Wide-Legged Knitted Pants             Yellow Knitted    Maxi Cardigan        

Browse the whole collection here.



Summer Collection
The Maison Bogomil summer 2020 collection takes us straight to the seaside. The silhouettes are extremely free. The colours range from beige, through pink and red, to blue and black. The clothes are produced entirely of natural viscose, which makes them extremely pleasant to wear during the hot summer days.
Each item can easily be combined with the others. This provides complete freedom to experiment and create the perfect summer look in accordance with your personal style. Choosing the right items from our new collection, you will be appropriately dressed for any occasion - from a walk by the sea to a formal dinner.
Removable linings are also available for women's models. Remove them or add them depending on whether you are going to wear them over your bathing suit at the beach or as an outfit when taking a walk around the city.
Maison Bogomil presented the new 24/7 Fall / Winter 2019/2020 collection. For the first time the brand featured women's models too! The collection is devoted to the busy everyday life of a sophisticated urban person. Knits occupy a central place – they are a synonym of comfort, coziness and style, taken together. You will find them both in black and white and in pastel colours. The new collection offers a special selection of garments, which you can easily match with the rest of your wardrobe. The outfits will be your companions during the long working day, lunch break or while drinking your afternoon coffee. The luxury sports line is tailored to your comfort. And the evening outfits are а perfect way to distinguish yourself. Bet on Maison Bogomil – а  combination of classic, avant-garde and uniqueness. You are bound to stand out!
Новата URBAN Мода    FALL / WINTER 2018/2019
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