Balkan Fashion Week was the second fashion show for 2017. We presented to the world for the second time our debut collection which we unveiled at Sofia Fashion Week 2017 earlier that year. Aside from the great models we unveiled previously we managed to add a couple of new models to the collection despite the close deadlines. We were happy to see that our work was evaluated by people who are some of the best fashion critics and connoisseurs. We got all around great feedback from Diane Pernet, Eric Daman, Tim Yip, Valeria Orlando and many others.
"Do not obstruct what is divine" is the motto of our debut collection. The concept of the collection is a mix of classic elements and modern accents. Our goal is to change men's fashion and our style to turn into fashion for connoisseurs.



"My name is Bogomil Peychev it's my third year studying fashion in "New Bulgarian University". I have been working on fashion for five years and I am very ambitious. Along this path I have the complete support and understanding of my parents which gives me additional confidence. I want to make men's clothes, which are classic, but mixed with modern accents, which create a perception for a grown and earthbound man. I have the ambition to change the definition of men's fashion."

- Bogomil Peychev