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How can I register?

Create an account by clicking on the “Log in” button located at the top of the page. Next, click on the “Register” button which you will find in the log in area and fill out the registration form. You can also easily set up your customer account while placing your first order. In either case, you will have to enter your email address and a password. This data allows you to log into your customer account at any time you like in the future. While logged in, you can review and alter your data.

How can I change my password or how can I renew my forgotten password?

Just click on the “log in” button located at the the top of the page and proceed by clicking on “Forgot your password?”. Enter the email address connected to your customer account. We'll immediately send you an email with which you can allocate a new password. 

How can I delete my customer account?

Please contact us via email with your request at and we will immediately delete your account. The email does not have to follow any special format; However, you should be clearly identifiable, meaning that you should always contact us through your registered email address.

Can I alter my data by myself?

Once logged into your customer account, you can review and alter your address, telephone number and name. Please contact our customer service in order to change your email address.

Will my data be sold to third parties?

No, at Maison BOGOMIL  we treat customer data with the utmost discretion and do not pass it on or sell it to third parties.

Can I find out more about my data? What about the transfer of data?

You can assert your right to data transferability (Art. 20 GDPR) by sending an email to our customer service at

Does it cost money to register for an account?

Your Maison BOGOMIL membership is and will remain free of charge.


Do I have to register to be able to place an order?

Yes, you will need to set up a customer account. Using the registration form, you can do so easily and completely free of charge.

How can I place an order?

Placing an order is quite simple: After placing the desired items in your basket, you can complete your order by clicking the “checkout” button.

During the ordering process, you can easily set up a customer account and log in automatically.
Afterwards, you will be guided through the three-step-ordering process (address – payment method – confirmation) to finalize your order.

Unfortunately, you cannot place an order without having a customer account first.

Which countries can I place an order from?

At Maison BOGOMIL we take worldwide orders. We also have a FREE delivery which arrives within 1 to 7 days worldwide.

How can I check my previous orders?

To view your previous orders, log into our website with your email address and password.
Select the “Customer Account” icon and then “Your orders”. The customer account icon can be found on the top right corner of the page. 

If you have logged in, you can find your orders by clicking on your profile and by clicking on the “Orders” button.

What happens after my order has been placed?

After placing an order, you will be sent a confirmation via email, which lists the items you have ordered, your billing and delivery address, as well as the chosen payment option. Finally, your purchase will be delivered to you, and we hope you will enjoy your new items. In case you are not happy with your purchase, you can simply initiate the return process.

What should I do if an item that I want is not available anymore?
Don't worry. You can still order the item you're looking for. Unfortunately, we cannot give you a specific date as to when and whether a product would be available again. However, we are happy to send you a reminder as soon as the particular item is back in stock. You can subscribe to our mailing list in order to receive information about everything new concerning Maison BOGOMIL.
How can I cancel my order if it hasn’t been sent yet?
Cancellations are possible if the order has not yet been sent. Bear in mind that if you cancel your order, this applies to all the products in it. If you want to cancel your whole order, but there have been several orders placed, you have to cancel each and every one of them separately. Unfortunately, you cannot cancel one item from your whole order. After your cancelation, you are going to receive an email containing the status of your order cancelation. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact our customer service team at
Can I change my delivery address for an already completed order?
We hope you understand that we are not able to change your delivery address for an already placed order. Since orders are processed immediately, you cannot change this bit of provided information. In case the entered delivery address cannot be found or the package cannot be delivered for any other reason, it will be returned to us. After the package has been returned and checked, the respective credit will be transferred via the chosen method of payment.
Can I place an order on my mobile phone?
You can always place an order using your tablet or smartphone. To do so, simply visit our online shop from your mobile internet browser. Our website has been optimised for mobile devices. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.
Can I order with a phone call?
Unfortunately, you cannot place an order over the phone yet. In case of any questions regarding the execution of online orders, the return process or want to submit a complaint, our customer service is happy to help you out.
What do SEPA, IBAN and BIC stand for?
SEPA stands for Single Euro Payments Area. This is the name given to the new unitary regulation for national and European payment transactions. IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is a number that replaces all national account details (such as account number and bank sort number in Germany). BIC (Business Identifier Code) is an internationally standardised bank code (similar to the bank routing code) which clearly identifies payment providers around the globe.
Where can I find the security code (CVV code) on my card?
You will find it at the back of your card – it is a 3-digit code.
Why was a payment by credit card declined?
There can be several reasons as to why a payment by credit card is declined. For instance, a typing mistake, an invalid card, missing verification or a technical error on our website. As an alternative, we can suggest you use the bank transferring option.
Which payment methods are accepted?
You can choose between the following payment options: credit card (Visa, Mastercard) and bank transfer.
When will my credit card be charged?
The payment process automatically reserves the items you are about to buy. Your credit card is only charged with the total amount of your purchases once the items are shipped.
Will I receive a confirmation after paying?
If you have chosen bank transfer or credit card as the payment method, the order will only be completed after successfully going through the payment process. A payment confirmation will show up immediately in your browser when the whole process is complete.
Can I use multiple discount codes in one order?
No, you can only use one discount code in one order. Discounts cannot be combined together.
Shipping & Delivery
How can I check whether I have placed my order correctly?
If you would like to check whether your order has been placed correctly, you can do so in the order confirmation sent by us per email. Your orders are also listed in your customer account and can be found under “orders”.
In case you have any further questions concerning your order, feel free to reach out to our customer service at any time via, we will be happy to help you out.
How long does a delivery take?
We usually deliver items within 1-7 work days.
How can I track my order?
To check the delivery status of your order, check the shipping confirmation you received through email. For each package that is shipped to you, you will receive a shipping confirmation that includes a link to track the shipment. This way you always know where your delivery is and how long it will take to get it to you. Also, if you have provided a phone number when placing your order, you will receive a text message with information about when your delivery will arrive.
What are the shipping costs?
We bear the packaging costs, as well as the postage for the shipping and return of the items.
What can I do if my item has been damaged during the shipping process?
In case any item delivered by us does not match your expectations in any way, you can return it free of charge by using the return slip, stating the reason for return. All relevant information concerning returns can be found under “How do I send a return?”.
What can I do if I receive a damaged item?
In case any item delivered by us does not match your expectations in any way, you can return it free of charge by using the return slip, stating the reason for return. All relevant information concerning returns can be found under “How do I send a return?”. We will refund you through the same payment method that the order was paid with as soon as the package has arrived and been examined.
What is a partial delivery?
It is important for us to ensure that the items you order arrive as quickly as possible. In the rare event when an item is unavailable for two days, we can ship your order in partial deliveries. In that case, items are shipped separately. By taking this measure, we ensure that you receive the available products as soon as possible.
With which suppliers will my package be sent?
We ship our items with our partners from DHL Express.
Can my shipping address differ from my billing address?
You are free to have your order delivered to an address that differs from your billing address, e.g. to your workplace or a parcel shop. Simply choose your preferred payment option and enter the desired delivery address at “delivery address”.
Can I change my delivery address after completing an order?
We hope you understand that we are not able to change your Maison BOGOMIL delivery address for an already completed order. Since orders are processed immediately, we cannot guarantee a timely change of information. In the event that your registered shipping address cannot be located or that your package cannot be delivered, the package will be sent back to us. After the package has been returned and checked, the respective credit will be transferred via the chosen method of payment.
Which countries does Maison BOGOMIL ship do?
We ship worldwide. The period between the day you have placed your order to the moment the order arrives at your doorstep varies from 1-7 days (depending on your location).
Return & Refund
How should I return my products?
Items are returned by international mail. Send the shipment at our expense to: Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 16 Trapezitsa Str., Maison Bogomil Ltd.; Mall: Bogomil Peychev, Mobile phone number: +359899070507.
How long does it usually take for the reimbursement to take place?
As soon as the return package has arrived and has been examined by us, we'll initiate the reimbursement process within 14 days via the respective payment method.
Is a direct replacement of the returned item possible?
Unfortunately, a direct exchange of the returned item is not possible. After the package has been returned and checked, the respective amount of money will be transferred via the chosen method of payment. Afterwards, you can simply order another item.
How much time do I have to return items?
You have an amount of 14 days to return your items after receiving them. More information regarding your right of cancellation at Maison BOGOMIL can be found in our Terms and Conditions.
Do I receive a confirmation email when my return package has arrived?
Yes. You will receive a confirmation email from us once we have received your return package. After checking the returned items, the invoice value will be refunded to you with the payment method you used. Make sure you return the items in the condition in which you have received them.
How may I get my money back after returning an item/items?
Refunds are always made by bank transfer.
Which is the address I have to send my return to?
By international mail to: Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 16 Trapezitsa Str., Maison Bogomil Ltd.; Mall: Bogomil Peychev, Mobile phone number: +359899070507.
How do I file a claim for an item?
If an item you have ordered from us is not in excellent condition, you can undoubtedly return it back on our expences by filling in the return document stating the reason for the return. As soon as the item(s) arrive at our warehouse and are examined, we will refund you with the payment method you used. Feel free order the same item from us again.
Do I have to pay for the delivery costs of the returned shipment?
The costs for the returned shipment are borne by Maison BOGOMIL.
How can I activate my cookies?
The activation of cookies varies according to the browser: Apple Safari Open the menu of the browser (cog wheel) and choose “Settings...”. Go to the “Data privacy” section and select the setting “Never” under “Block cookies”. Close the window and refresh the page. Google Chrome Open the menu of the browser and click on “settings”. Right below the headline “Privacy”, you will find the button “Content settings”. Activate the setting “Allow local data to be saved” under “Cookies” (recommended). Close the window and refresh the page. Internet Explorer 9-11 Open the menu of the browser (cog wheel) and access “Internet options”. Click on the “Privacy” tab and then under Settings, move the slider down to allow all cookies. Click on “OK” in order to close the “Settings window”. Now refresh the page. Mozilla Firefox Open the menu of the browser (Firefox button) and select Settings. Go to the section “Data privacy”. Set the selection list next to “Firefox turns timeline:” to “create according to customised settings”. Check “Accept cookies” in order to allow cookies and select the option “keep until:” and “they are no longer valid:”. click on “OK” in order to close the “Settings” window. Now refresh the page.
How do I share my suggestions or feedback with you?
We will be happy to accept your feedback, criticism or praise. Send an email to We guarantee that you will receive an answer.
How can I subscribe to the newsletter?
If you don't want to miss out on any current offers, you should subscribe to our free newsletter. To do so, simply enter your email address in the section “Subscribe to newsletter” at the end of the page. We will then immediately send you an email, in which you will need to confirm the newsletter registration.
How can I contact you?
Feel free to reach out to our customer service at and at +359899070507 (Mon.-Sat.: 10 a.m. - 7 p.m., we do not work on Sundays and on official holidays). You can also reach us by using the chat on our website and the usual social media channels.
How often will I receive the newsletter?
Our newsletter is published at irregular intervals. Mostly at times when there is news from the fashion world or in case of any special offer; for example, a sale, a voucher promotion. etc.
What are cookies, and what are they used for at Maison BOGOMIL?
Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer, mostly by websites. Once the website is accessed again, the information from the cookie can be automatically read and processed. In our online shop, cookies help us by storing the customers’ shopping basket for a certain duration. That way, you won't have to log in every single time at Maison BOGOMIL. By allowing cookies, you can also check which items you have already looked at.
What is JavaScript?
JavaScript is a scripting language that evaluates user interactions and alters, refreshes and generates website content.
What can I do if I have any technical issue with the page?
We always try to make your shopping experience great and easy to use. If any technical problem occurs or something seems to not work as it should, we would appreciate it if you contacted us so that we can fix the problem. Feel free to leave us a message at and don't forget to include a screenshot. In order to use all functions of our online store, we recommend the use of the latest browser version. Therefore, make sure you are using the latest version of your web browser, JavaScript is activated and cookies allowed.
Why does JavaScript have to be activated?
In order to have a comfortable shopping experience in our shop, you should have JavaScript activated to use all our website functions as they were intended.
What's the newsletter and what advantages does it have to offer?
Our newsletter regularly informs you about current promotions in our online store as well as background stories from the world of fashion. Once you've subscribed to our free newsletter, you'll start receiving exclusive information about: - brand-new items and trends, - vouchers and promotions, - SALE offers.
Why do I not receive a newsletter even though I have subscribed to it?
Once subscribed to our newsletter, you'll receive a confirmation email with an activation link. A successful subscription is only finished once the link has been clicked. If you have not received a confirmation email, don't forget to check your junk or spam folder. If you still haven't received the newsletter, contact us so we can find out what's wrong.
Where can I browse through old collections and campaigns?
You can view our "Events" and "Campaigns" pages where we have uploaded photos of all our past collections, campaigns, events, etc.
How can I find your social media channels?
Our social media profiles are displayed with icons on our site at the bottom. When you click on them they will take you directly to our pages and profiles.
How can I view only the newest items on your website?
You can only find new items in the menu under "Favorites" by clicking on "New Items".
How can I only view discounted products?
When we have a discount, it is displayed in red under the "Favorites" menu – Discount.
Do you respond quickly in your chat box on your website?
We try to respond everywhere as quickly as possible. It usually doesn't matter if it is via chat or email.

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